Americans should be Outraged!

The brother of a decorated Navy SEAL leader alleged to have killed an injured ISIS prisoner of war in Iraq – amongst other war crimes – is now accusing the investigators behind the claims of trying to “take down” an “elite warrior” so they can advance their own careers.

Sean Gallagher’s criticism of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service comes as a military judge this week is preparing his recommendations on what charges Edward Gallagher, a highly lauded special warfare operator who has racked up numerous awards during his eight tours of duty, should face.

The 39-year-old and married father of three currently remains jailed in a Navy brig in California amid disputed accusations he repeatedly plunged a knife into the bloody, wounded body of a young ISIS fighter and fired sniper rounds at innocent civilians in Iraq.

“This investigation is not about justice and the truth, it’s about a win,” Sean Gallagher told Fox News, while comparing the relationship between the NCIS and the Navy SEALs to one between a hammer and a nail…

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