Team Guy to Team Guy – Conversation with Chief Gallagher

Andrea Gallagher, Chief Gallagher’s loving and dedicated wife, share’s this message relayed to her from Eddie:

🤳🏼 from one of Eddie’s first Team Leaders when he joined ST1 🇺🇸🙏🏻💯

Not only is this a spot on assessment from an old school Frogman but the fact no 🤬 expletives🤬were used in this entire rant was also something Eddie and I had a good laugh about 🐸🔱🇺🇸 Well said 🙌🏻 Oli Phil

“This information is more shocking and disturbing then after reading what was happening to Eddie in the beginning.

I believe now, that this younger generation is completely Lost and has been poisoned with pure Evil.

They do not know GOD anymore.

They only know Selfishness, Self-Serving and believe everybody owes them…!

This generation only knows IPHONES, Social Media, Fake News and, how to click a button for all their needs…

Instead of asking “What Can I Do For My Country First” They Ask themselves “What is My Country Going To Do For ME” and, “How can I screw That person Over so, I Look Good and can Get what they have…!

I have stated this for many years and especially up the then, Obama Liberal Chain Of Commands.

The SEAL TEAMs NEED to STOP everything and initiate a TOP to BOTTOM….RESET….RESET….!

You call out RESET when, everything that you are doing, has hit Rock Bottom….

The Teams Have Hit ROCK BOTTOM now and need to RESET themselves!

You don’t need a lot of SEALs, you just need a Few GOOD ONEs…



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