Colby Vokey – UAP Board Member – Suing Gallagher Family

They say when you go through a criminal case like our family just did, you learn who your true friends are.
Eddie’s freedom is something our family will forever celebrate and never take for granted and the people who supported us are a huge part of that.

Unfortunately, we also got to see the ugly side of many people. What we never expected was to be scammed by people who were supposed to help us, but were really just looking to take advantage of my husband to turn a profit. I’m talking about his first lawyer, Colby Vokey and the “non-profit” United American Patriots or UAP.

In our hour of need, Colby Vokey and UAP came in and promised to give Eddie a top-notch legal defense with all expenses paid. Instead, they dragged the case out, focused more on using our family for fundraising while Colby ran up the bill, and made little to no progress in actually freeing Eddie.

We fired Colby Vokey because after he tried to push the trial out to November, we felt that he lied, threatened, and extorted our family.

After almost a year of zero progress under Colby Vokey, our new legal team moved quickly to win Eddie’s freedom in less than 4 months. We believe If it were up to Colby Vokey, Eddie would still be in the brig with a trial in November or later.

Incredibly, Colby Vokey just served my husband with legal papers trying to get a judgment against us for up to $1 million!!! This is all based on an agreement that UAP @uapatriots would pay Colby Vokey out of fundraising efforts, not our family. He then threatened to sue the Navy SEALs Fund because they fundraised to cover Eddie’s legal expenses after Colby got fired!!!

What makes Colby Vokey’s decision to sue my husband all the more reprehensible is Eddie’s retirement is still in limbo. If certain JAGs get their way, he could still get kicked out of the Navy and lose his pension after 20 years of dedicated service and a not guilty verdict on all of the most serious charges.

Colby Vokey was supposed to save my husband. Now, he’s trying to destroy him. We didn’t back down from our last fight and we aren’t going to back down from this one.

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