Contact your Representative Today! {LINK IN BIO 🔗🔝}

🔻This week, Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s office is circulating a letter asking for Eddie to be RELEASED from Pretrial Confinement at the Brig at Miramar.

🔻How YOU can help FREE EDDIE! ~ Contact your Representative and ask them to sign on to Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s letter!!

🔻Find out who your representative is and how to reach them here ~…/find-your-representative

🗣Tell your Rep they MUST sign onto this letter by Friday March 1st!
~ All your Representative needs to do is contact Kenneth Depew at Rep Crenshaw’s Office @ to sign on!✍🏻

👊🏻Pressure your representative to TAKE ACTION and DEFEND the rights of Chief Eddie Gallagher! And don’t just call or email once~ Do it EVERYDAY this week until they agree to sign on! ✍🏻

💥💥>>> DEADLINE IS THIS FRIDAY MARCH 1st 2019 <<<💥💥

🤬Eddie’s constitutional rights have been violated and denied again and again in this broken process! Eddie deserves/needs access his legal council, medical care, and to see his family. To lock a war fighter up like this for 9 months before he even has a chance to prove his innocence is INSANE!😱

🔻Congress MUST weigh in and we the people can HELP FREE EDDIE!!! We must FIGHT for Eddie as he has FOUGHT for us AMERICA! Our goal is 30+ members of Congress to sign on and we are already a third of the way there with 10 CONFIRMED SIGNERS! ✍🏻


Brian Babin
Dan Crenshaw
Matt Gaetz
Louie Gohmert
Paul Gosar
Duncan Hunter
Steve King
Ralph Norman
Michael Waltz
Ron Wright
Again, the process is easy – call or email your member of congress and ask they sign on to Rep. Crenshaw’s letter to HELP FREE EDDIE.

Thank you for your support and your action, Andrea Gallagher & Sean Gallagher

Attachments on Google Doc:
SIGN ON LETTER – Dan Crenshaw
Dear Colleague – Ralph Norman
Dear Colleague – Dan Crenshaw
Joint Letter to POTUS 1/30/2019 – Duncan Hunter & Matt Gaetz