Contact Representatives

Please contact your Local Representative – House or Senate – Armed Services Committee members, the White House.

Visit them in Person, Call, or send a Letter.  Please share Chief Gallagher’s story with them.

Placing it in your own words, versus a uniform template form will garner more attention, and that is what we need to make a difference to Free Eddie!



White House:

President Trump – flood his twitter account –  @realDonaldTrump , @POTUS


Chief Gallagher is represented by Colby Vokey and Phil Stackhouse, and is being assisted by two non-profit organizations: United American Patriots  and the Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield

UAP – Defend Our Defenders – UAP Generates Public Awareness, Funds Legal Representation, and Provides Functional Support for our Nation’s Warriors via Patriotic Contributions.
Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® – Founded by Navy SEALs, Run by Navy SEALs, supporting Navy SEALs and their immediate dependents.