Court Updates – 24 June 2019

NCIS agents state it is SOP to pull children by gunpoint from homes

Prosecutor’s Forensic Expert doesn’t know what happened to the Terrorist.

Navy SEAL Command Ordered Chief Gallagher Removal from TBI in-patient treatment on 9/11

US Navy SEAL SOC Chief Eddie Gallagher – Today, June 24, NCIS agents were forced to admit under cross examination that they took Chief Gallagher’s 8 and 18 year old sons out of his home at gunpoint in their underwear.

In addition, the prosecutor’s forensic expert admitted he could NOT say that the ISIS Terrorist had been stabbed, and he could not conclude the cause of death.”

This case is FULL of Bad Actors but what is clear is 2 things:

  1. JOE WARPINSKI is responsible for laying siege to Gallagher’s family home with over 20+ NCIS agents with M4 machine guns pointed at children who were dragged into the street in their underwear… NCIS admitted this on the stand today with no shame. NCIS said not only is this SOP for them to drag children out of their homes with machine guns pointed at their heads it is also not necessary for NCIS to wear body cams and record this behavior, despite the fact that they are NOT trained for this type of tactical siege, meaning they could have shot Chief Gallagher’s children with one misstep, bump, or sneeze ~ but that was a risk they were willing to take.
  2. The people responsible for Chief Gallagher being taken on September 11th – Patriot’s Day – from a TBI Clinic at NICoE Pendleton where he was prepping for his retirement are none other than NSW Group 1 Com MATT ROSENBLOOM & his side-kick GRP1 JAG LT. KELEIGH ANDERSON who has been in court every day with the Prosecution.

The choice to arrest Chief Gallagher in the middle of TBI treatment was none other than Matt Rosenbloom. He also sided with the malcontents to ensure he was locked up in solitaire confinement, keeping Chief Gallagher locked away for 9 1/2 months without proper access to Medical Treatment.

The fact that NCIS terrorized Chief Gallagher’s children and family is sick, but no longer surprising as we learn more and more about the NCIS. However, the most reprehensible part of all this is that the Hierarchy of the upper Brass who chose to add injury to insult and did not provide assistance to the family when their home was raided. In fact, they are the ones who ordered the arrest of Chief Gallagher on Sept 11th, locking him up with convicted Rapists and Pedophiles for over 9 ½ months.

Furthering that, we also learned in court last week that the same Navy SEAL Hierarchy who has worked hand in hand with NCIS/Prosecutors/Malcontents to falsely imprison Chief Gallagher actually promoted one of the Malcontent’s to the elite DEVGRU team (SEAL Team Six). Yes, the same millennial SEAL who admitted in court to sabotaging the mission and endangering fellow Navy SEALs and Allies by firing more warning shots FOR ISIS than shots AT ISIS, well he was moved to the same team that is best known for taking down Osama Bin Laden. This millennial SEAL also admitted on the stand to disparaging and lying about SEAL Team Six team members. These malcontents deserve nothing less than to be ejected immediately from the Navy with DISHONORABLE Discharges and locked up in Leavenworth while they are put on trial for aiding and abetting the enemy.

Chief Gallagher has clearly and unequivocally stated his innocence from the beginning. The TRUTH is the same, day in and day out, and the TRUTH is what is on Chief Gallagher’s side.

‘This entire case was built on a small group of people that had personal animosity towards Eddie Gallagher… This is a group of young disgruntled sailors that didn’t like being told that they were cowards,’ Chief Gallagher’s lawyer said and added they made the story up.