4 Jan 2019 Arraignment

Friday, January 4th at 9 am PST

The courthouse~ Naval Base San Diego (32nd Street) building 56 1st Deck

Why: This is the next step in Chief Gallagher’s case where a judge sets dates for his trial and hears motions to let Chief Gallagher
out of pretrial confinement.

You can help!
We need as many people to attend as possible to show the judge and the prosecution that we won’t sit quietly while a war hero is maligned. Eddies friends and support community will also demonstrate that there are people that will vouch for Eddie and releasing him before trial carries no risk whatsoever.

The Navy needs to see that it cannot let an injustice like what is happening to Chief Gallagher continue. They need to see and hear from patriots who will show up and stand up in person to the atrocities being waged against a war hero.

Join us! Friday January 4th at 9 am at the courthouse ~ Naval Base San Diego (32nd Street) building 56 1st Deck.