Gallagher Family Statement on Fundraising & Support

PLEASE NOTE: We will no longer be working with UAP, Inc. an organization that had previously been involved in some fundraising efforts.

We wanted to provide you an update on Chief Gallagher’s defense, as we move closer to trial, which is scheduled to begin on May 28, 2019.

The defense of a case like Chief Gallagher’s is an extremely expensive undertaking, and one that military families are not in a financial position to afford. Chief Gallagher’s defense has been funded primarily through private donations, for which we are eternally grateful – THANK YOU!

Going forward ALL fundraising will be coordinated SOLELY through the Navy SEALs Fund, 501c3 charity, and few private companies who are selling t-shirts and other merchandise (@halffaceblades, @forgedcloting) with ALL proceeds going through the Navy SEALs Fund (

Half Face Blades ( @halffaceblades
Forged Clothing ( @forgedcloting

Information about new fundraising products, partners and events will be announced soon at Chief Gallagher’s website:

Timothy Parlatore of ‘Parlatore Law Group’ is Chief Gallagher’s Lead Attorney. 

Tim Parlatore is a Navy veteran and prominent trial attorney with experience in both military and civilian criminal cases and is a strong addition to the team.

“From the beginning, my husband has been eager to have his day in court and be vindicated of these false charges.  The trial was delayed once already, due to the prosecution didn’t turn over a significant amount of evidence until the eve of trial.  Eddie doesn’t want to delay any longer and is confident in his legal team.” ~ Andrea Gallagher

Again: After much consideration, we have decided that this coordination of fundraising efforts is in Eddie’s best interests and we will no longer be working with UAP, Inc., an organization that had previously been involved in some fundraising efforts. Any use of image and likeness by any fundraising entity other than Navy SEALs Fund is prohibited and NOT approved by the GALLAGHER FAMILY.