Government Falsely Imprisons Hero Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher

Trial delayed due to Navy prosecutors leaking defamatory statements to media from their witness list

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Coronado, California, February 12, 2019 – With more than 19 years of faithful service to our country during which time Navy SEAL, Special Operations Chief (SOC) Eddie Gallagher deployed to combat war zones eight times, his trial was delayed for three-months with a new start date of May 28, 2019.

This delay was the result of Navy prosecutors breaking the protective order on evidence and also leaking (on three separate occasions) unsubstantiated statements from the prosecution’s witness list.  This delay in the trial start date can potentially allow the prosecution to leak more slanderous and defamatory statements about SOC Gallagher that could poison a jury.  The judge ordered the prosecution to get the leaks under control; however, a single leak can have irreversible damage to SOC Gallagher.

This delay comes shortly after a recent hearing when, for the first time, witnesses who completely refute the prosecution’s accusations were allowed to testify.  This delay also follows shortly after key witnesses for the prosecution provided inconsistencies in testimony riddled with contradiction.  All this warrants questioning if this is an attempt by the prosecution to ‘get their story straight,’ while also attempting to slow down SOC Gallagher’s momentum.

What the prosecution doesn’t want you to know: An Iraqi General who worked with SOC Gallagher extensively and was present during the alleged incident stated he observed the ISIS terrorist before, during, and after treatment.  The General stated SOC Gallagher tried to save the terrorist’s life, but eventually the terrorist succumbed to wounds sustained in combat.  The General has stated SOC Gallagher did nothing wrong and praised SOC Gallagher for his professionalism and for being one of the best SEALs with whom he’d ever worked.

This is just the first time in five months that SOC Gallagher and his team have been able to put forth testimony and statements from his US and partner-nation Teammates who unequivocally refute the accusations made against SOC Eddie Gallagher, an American hero.  This delay is an injustice.

Contact your Congressman, Senator, and President Trump regarding this injustice today.  #freeeddie