Human Rights Violations

“There is no heat and I am being starved” ~ Chief Gallagher

Chief Gallagher has been denied access to medical care, his food rations have been further reduced and he was placed into an unheated cell, a common torture technique widely used by GESTAPO and KGB.

Chief Gallagher is being denied basic human rights and the KGB/GESTAPO treatment/interrogation methods and tactics are being applied by NCIS to break this US Navy SEAL Hero…. He will not be broken.

These torture methods are well documented in the CIA archives.  What the NCIS is using on this American Hero, is spelled out in detail in “Communist Interrogation and Indoctrination of ‘Enemies of the State’,” Analysis of Methods used by the Communist State Police, written by Lawrence E. Hinkle Jr. M.D., and Harold G. Wolff M.D., published in the A.M.A. Archives for Neurology and Psychiatry, 1956.

The utilization of these Gestapo/KGB practices upon fellow Americans, and upon my fellow Teammate Chief Eddie Gallagher is real and well documented. Chief Gallagher’s main complaint in the Brig is that he is always cold and hungry, and in the first few weeks of confinement his wife was concerned about the amount of weight he had lost. 

In the “COMMUNIST INTERROGATION AND INDOCTRINATION OF ‘ENEMIES OF THE STATE’ ,” Analysis of Methods used by the Communist State Police, Section II: Practices of the KGB, Chapter 10, “Other Pressures of the Isolation Regime”, it states: “Another simple and effective type of pressure is that of maintain the temperature of the cell at a level which is either too hot or too cold for comfort…Sustained cold is uncomfortable and poorly tolerated. Yet another method of creating pressure is to reduce the food ration to the point at which the prisoner is constantly hungry. This usually involves loss of weight, which is associated with weakness and asthenia.  Furthermore, deprivation of food produces lassitude, loss of general interest, and some breakdown of courage…But all of them produce great discomfort, and lead to serious disturbances of many bodily processes; there is no reason to differentiate them from any other form of torture.”

Read the full document here (CIA/Government website):

Contrast this treatment of Chief Gallagher with that of the very Terrorists who are locked away in Gitmo for the murder of thousands of innocent Americans.  The terrorists have new soccer fields, plush prayer rugs to protect their knees from the harshness of the floors, and plenty of warm blankets, food, and sunshine.  They most assuredly do not have rats running around their galley, leaving feces in their food, unlike Chief Gallagher’s meals he is served at the Brig Miramar.

The terrorists are provided menus to order meals based on their mood a week in advance, unlike Chief Gallagher who is only allowed half a piece of chicken with half a scoop of rice and then must watch helplessly as any excess prepared food is thrown in the trash.

Contrast the treatment of Chief Gallagher with that of terrorists in GITMO.  Food and care provided to terrorists with taxpayer (our) money:

A new soccer field built for terrorists with taxpayer (our) money: