Is NCIS Using GESTAPO/KGB Methods To Break War Hero?

Absolutely Yes! As a former Political Prisoner of Red Terror behind the Iron Curtain, I experienced these tactics myself.  The same Torture Tactics being used by NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) on Chief Gallagher, I have witnessed personally.  This is not merely an eye witness account, but one that is well documented in the CIA archives.  What the NCIS is using on this American Hero, is spelled out in detail in “Communist Interrogation and Indoctrination of ‘Enemies of the State’,” Analysis of Methods used by the Communist State Police, written by Lawrence E. Hinkle Jr. M.D., and Harold G. Wolff M.D., published in the A.M.A. Archives for Neurology and Psychiatry, 1956.

For me, was not only an honor to become a US Citizen and serve 20 years as a US Navy SEAL, it was an honor to give back to the country that gave me freedom from a Communist/Socialism Regime that oppressed TRUTH.

To those who have lived through Communism or Socialism as I did, it is obvious what the NCIS is doing to Chief Gallagher.  To others, it seems unfathomable that any American Citizen would have to worry about dozens of armed gunmen who would break into your home, wake your children, and force them into the street in their underwear at gunpoint. I have only heard about such things from my mother and grandmother who survived Nazi occupation in Europe, recounting to me how Hitler’s GESTAPO treated occupied, conquered nations. We are NOT a conquered nation!

The utilization of these Gestapo/KGB practices upon fellow Americans, and upon my fellow Teammate Chief Eddie Gallagher is real and well documented. Chief Gallagher’s main complaint in the Brig is that he is always cold and hungry, and in the first few weeks of confinement his wife was concerned about the amount of weight he had lost.  In the “COMMUNIST INTERROGATION AND INDOCTRINATION OF ‘ENEMIES OF THE STATE’ ,” Analysis of Methods used by the Communist State Police, Section II: Practices of the KGB, Chapter 10, “Other Pressures of the Isolation Regime”, it states: “Another simple and effective type of pressure is that of maintain the temperature of the cell at a level which is either too hot or too cold for comfort…Sustained cold is uncomfortable and poorly tolerated. Yet another method of creating pressure is to reduce the food ration to the point at which the prisoner is constantly hungry. This usually involves loss of weight, which is associated with weakness and asthenia.  Furthermore, deprivation of food produces lassitude, loss of general interest, and some breakdown of courage…But all of them produce great discomfort, and lead to serious disturbances of many bodily processes; there is no reason to differentiate them from any other form of torture.”

Contrast this treatment of Chief Gallagher with that of the very Terrorists who are locked away in Gitmo for the murder of thousands of innocent Americans.  The terrorists have new soccer fields, plush prayer rugs to protect their knees from the harshness of the floors, and plenty of warm blankets, food, and sunshine.  They most assuredly do not have rats running around their galley, leaving feces in their food, unlike Chief Gallagher’s meals he is served at the Brig Miramar.

Chief Gallagher does not need a million dollar soccer field in order to exercise and yet the NCIS counselors demanded he be reprimanded and given demerits for merely trying to do push-ups in his cell. Why would they deny him access to physical fitness, access to sunlight, access to adequate food, access to adequate warmth, or even access to proper medical care?  Simple, that is what torture is and that is what the NCIS is applying to a decorated War Hero. This is straight out of the “Communist Interrogation and Indoctrination of ‘Enemies of the State’,” Analysis of Methods used by the Communist State Police, you can read this manual here:

In fact, the NCIS cabal of thugs and bandits have surpassed even Communist State Police. Quote from page 10 chapter 5 of the above-mentioned document (paragraph one):

“It is Communist principle that men should be arrested in a manner which will not cause them embarrassment and that police should carry out arrests in a manner which will not unduly disturb the population.”

Chief Gallagher was kidnapped by NCIS thugs while he was undergoing in-patient TBI treatment at NiCole Pendleton, treatment for injuries sustained during almost two decades of intense combat.  This is the state-of-the-art facility for PTSD/TBI treatment of our Combat Veterans, emphasizing the need to provide better care for our Military Service members and their families. However, this is where NCIS thugs decided to ambush Chief Gallagher, place him in shackles and parade him out in front of the other military veterans and their families.  This was after the NCIS thugs already paraded Chief Gallagher’s children in their underwear out, into the neighborhood by gunpoint. Joseph Stalin and Osama Bin Laden would be proud of NCIS.

Despite the global retreat of communist and socialist systems, the ideals are still very much alive in pockets around the world and apparently even in pockets of our own government. Communism and socialism collapsed in every country as soon as their citizens fought for freedom and removed the slavery imposed on them by their leaders. The mass imprisonments of innocent people, secret executions of politically incorrect and troublesome individuals, and total control of society have left a permanent mark on the populations of these countries.

Poland is one of the many countries that was able to free themselves from socialist/communist oppression. Today it is illegal in Poland to glorify or promote communism. Even now, years after the fall of socialism/communism, Poles still are discovering mass graves of their fellow citizens murdered by the state for opposing the ideology of evil. Today they are still judicially processing people who actively participated in imposing socialism and communism in Poland, and of those who took part in mass political murders. Even today, former judges and prosecutors belonging to the socialist and communist regime in Poland are actively pursued and prosecuted for so called ‘judicial murders.’

NCIS is mentally torturing an American war hero with the hopes of breaking him down and forcing him to admit to false charges out of fear for his family’s safety. These actions are NOT allowed even towards terrorists and the terrorists’ families. 

Please remember that the abuse of American Heroes, fabrication of sham allegations, false imprisonment of innocent service members is nothing new for this NCIS cabal.  In 2009, the NCIS tried to crucify Navy SEALs for allegedly giving a fat lip to a terrorist, a terrorist who tortured and burned Americans alive in Fallujah; however, public pressure forced the truth out and all Navy SEALs were fully exonerated.  Additionally, the NCIS tried to frame an innocent sailor for the Iowa turret explosion, the same sailor who died in the explosion, Clayton Hartwick.  The NCIS began a smear campaign regarding false personal accusations, tore apart his family and his reputation for the sake of pinning him with a crime he did not commit.  Those charges were later refuted, but the family’s destruction by these NCIS thugs was already done.

When a state entity is allowed to terrorize our children and our families at gunpoint, we need to take action or no American children and families will be safe. The NCIS is an extension of the government, and acting without oversight in a way that brings great discredit upon our Nation and the true American war heroes they are targeting.

The truth is that we are not living in Nazi occupied Germany, we are not living in a Communist Soviet Union.  This is America, the land of the free. We cannot allow for rogue state entities like the NCIS to act without impunity and terrorize our children and families at gunpoint.  We are demanding answers and we need your help!

Please contact your Congressman, contact the President of the United State, and demand an investigation and prosecution of the NCIS thugs and their leadership who were involved in committing these cowardly terror acts toward this American family, and those who are mentally torturing this American War Hero.

Drago Dzieran, US Navy SEAL (ret.)
Iraq 2003, 2004, 2005
Bronze Star with “V”
Navy Commendation Medal with “V”
Other medals…