Members of Congress say video proves Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher is not guilty of killing ISIS fighter

It’s big news that could be a game changer.

All along, we’ve been saying the case against my brother was built on lies and hearsay. 

We’ve been demanding to see the supposed “evidence” against him, and now it’s coming out — in the form of helmet cam footage which clearly shows Eddie providing medical care to a wounded ISIS fighter, not killing him.  We believe this exonerates Eddie of one of the most absurd charges against him.

After hearing about the footage, it was shown to one of our staunchest allies in Congress, Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA). He was so shocked that he held a screening for a group of his fellow lawmakers this week. And at a press conference after, Rep. Hunter said this:

“I wanted to give them an opportunity firsthand to see there is no case…I don’t trust the Navy to give him a fair trial, but I think with all of the focus on this case that he stands more of a chance of getting a fair trial now.” ~ Congressman Hunter

There have been major moves in Congress this week regarding Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher. Wednesday, Congressman Duncan D. Hunter (CA-50) showed other Members of Congress video evidence he says exonerates Gallagher.

After showing the video evidence, Congressman Hunter hosted a press conference with Gallagher’s legal representation and brother to address the media on the content of the video. They all said the video shows Gallagher conducting medical treatment on the ISIS fighter, which should exonerate him from the alleged murder.

Thursday, KUSI’s Ginger Jeffries reported the latest details in the Gallagher case. She reported that a death threat has came in to the US government that was written in Arabic.

Congress has asked the Investigator General of the Navy to look into why the charges against Chief Gallagher were filed, and if there was a basis for that filing.

Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher will begin trial for alleged war crimes in about three weeks.

Full Story can be found here: KUSI