Nine Line Apparel

Nine Line Apparel Releases Free Eddie T-shirt and Donates all Proceeds to the Gallagher Family

Nine Line Apparel has graciously designed a shirt in support of Eddie and is donating all proceeds to the Gallagher family in order to help with mounting expenses and legal fees. The company has already received over fifteen thousand dollars in shirt sales and is optimistic the trend will continue as Eddie’s trial draws near.

In a statement dated March 27, 2019, CEO of Nine Line Apparel, and Army Veteran Tyler Merritt expressed his support for Chief Gallagher…

            “As the CEO of Nine Line Apparel, a proudly patriotic, veteran owned company, I am committed to defending Chief Gallagher. We will provide whatever support we can as the case continues to develop against him, and no matter what, we’ve got his six. I am proud to stand behind this man as a brother in arms, a man who has given so much, in service to our nation.”

The family is so thankful to Nine Line for their support and commitment to #FreeEddie.

Click here for your own Nine Line Free Eddie t-shirt and share a photo yourself wearing it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #FreeEddie