Prosecution Suffers Massive Blows In Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher Trial

“As I’ve said since the beginning of this case, the best defense for Chief Gallagher is the truth. Today, the truth started to come out,” Parlatore said during a press conference.

He said Scott’s testimony was evidence of a “shoddy investigation”: “No investigator, no prosecutor ever asked, ‘What is the cause of death?’ … What we learned is Chief Gallagher is not guilty of murder.”

Bernie Kerik, former New York Police Department commissioner and a close family friend of the Gallaghers’, wrote on Instagram: “At what point does the government admit that this case should have never been brought in the first place?”

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The Gallagher family and Parlatore allege that junior SEALs serving under Gallagher on their deployment were disgruntled over Gallagher’s hard-charging tactics and made up the allegations to derail a Silver Star award, a coveted assignment at a training billet, and a promotion, as Breitbart News has previously reported in depth.