Rep Duncan Hunter Fighting for Justice!


Rep Hunter has done more for Chief Gallagher in 72 hrs to defend his Constitutional Rights as an American~ much less a War Hero with 19 1/2 years of HIGHLY Decorated Service to this country than anyone Team Gallagher has reached out to.

Congressmen Duncan Hunter is a former United States Marine – Combat Veteran – and a REAL Brother to the Gallagher family in their greatest time of need.

President Trump – we implore you to please step in and give Chief Gallagher back to his wife and children. This hero’s family has sacrificed greatly for the FREEDOMS of this great nation and Chief Gallagher deserves to be treated with Humanity, Dignity. He must be afforded Due Process AND treated as INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY ‼️

Please help right this TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE and Free Eddie from this insane Pretrial Confinement he’s been in for 18 WEEKS.

There are PAGES of Human Rights Violations that have been filed with multiple Congressmen regarding the Brig at Miramar and Rep Hunter is the only one who has taken any REAL ACTION!

The Systematic Abuse of the Military ‘Justice’ system Must Stop!
Our Military Service Members DESERVE BETTER .