Sham Exposed! NCIS Story Is Crumbling…

“The NCIS and Group ONE investigators have completely ignored the testimony from these two witnesses,” said civilian defense attorney Phil Stackhouse in an email to Navy Times. “Confirmation bias — the phenomenon of pursuing evidence that seeks to confirm our previously-held beliefs, and ignore evidence that contradicts our previously-held beliefs — is unfortunately a major driving force throughout this investigation.

“NCIS took the word of the accusers and ran with it, never stopping to think about reality, and never stopping to listen to logic or reason. An argument can be made that General Abbas [al-Jubouri] and Colonel Kadhim are the most-neutral — or least biased — witnesses in the entire case. Every other witness will be accused of either trying to take down Chief Gallagher to protect themselves, or trying to cover up a crime for him because they love and respect him.

“The two Iraqi officers, on the other hand, have absolutely no interest in the matter whatsoever. According to NCIS, both vividly recall the event, and both are adamant that Chief Gallagher only tried to save the mortally wounded ISIS fighter, who died of his injuries — not at the hand of Chief Gallagher. This was completely ignored by NCIS because it does not fit with what NCIS had already decided to believe.”

Navy Times: NCIS documents cast doubt on Navy SEAL’s guilt in slaying of Islamic State fighter