Chief Gallagher is represented by Colby Vokey of Dallas, Texas, and Phil Stackhouse of San Diego, California. 

How You Can Help

Chief Gallagher is being assisted by two non-profit organizations: United American Patriots and the Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield®

UAP – Defend Our Defenders – UAP Generates Public Awareness, Funds Legal Representation, and Provides Functional Support for our Nation’s Warriors via Patriotic Contributions.

Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® – Founded by Navy SEALs, Run by Navy SEALs, supporting Navy SEALs and their immediate dependents. 


Special Operations Chief Edward (Eddie) Gallagher, a highly decorated (Valor) Navy SEAL with over 19-years Active Duty and over 14-years as a Navy SEAL.


Chief Gallagher was charged earlier this month with, among other things, murdering a member of ISIS during combat operations in Mosul, Iraq during his 2017-2018 deployment.

Brief History

Under investigation since around April 2018, Chief Gallagher was still serving in demanding SEAL billets and preparing to retire to Florida.

In June 2018 – a contingent of NCIS investigators acted on a secretly obtained search warrant to search Chief Gallagher’s military housing.  They held Chief Gallagher at NCIS, while they knew his wife was at work.  NCIS laid siege to the house in the morning hours – weapons drawn – and inexplicably traumatized Chief Gallagher’s young sons by pulling them out of the house at gunpoint in their underwear.

Chief Gallagher’s family is in contact with a civil rights attorney to discuss what NCIS did to the Gallagher children.

Ironically, months later on 9/11 (a.k.a. Patriot Day), Chief Gallagher was arrested at the Camp Pendleton Intrepid Spirit Center where he was undergoing treatment for repeated traumatic brain injuries suffered in combat. He was locked up in a military prison on Patriot Day.  There is no bail in the military system and decisions to imprison Navy SEALS are left to commanders like the Commander, Naval Special Warfare Group 1 and decisions to retain a suspect in prison are vested in other active duty officers.  We will be fighting to get Chief Gallagher released as soon as possible. To be clear, his pretrial imprisonment interferes with his ability to defend himself, his ability to speak to his attorneys, and his ability to review evidence. 

A “Preliminary Hearing” was held on November 14, 2018 in San Diego, California.  While the burden is very, very low to send the charges to court – Chief Gallagher will, like he has on every combat deployment, fight.  Fight to clear his name, fight for justice, and fight to expose the lies that are being made against him.