Team Never Quit Story of this Patriotic Family’s fight

Thank you Team Never Quit for Sharing Chief Gallagher’s Story! #LLTRB

Eddie Gallagher – Highly decorated SEAL Chief of 8 combat deployments – Battling charges of war crimes against ISIS – #FreeEddie

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Being charged for war crimes on the battlefield against ISIS seems beyond comprehensible. However, for the highly decorated Navy SEAL Chief with 8 combat deployments, this is his and his family’s tragic reality. Chief Eddie Gallagher has been locked in the brig for the past 18 weeks and just recently was arraigned for his supposed crimes.

Join the TNQ Podcast as Navy SEALs, Marcus Luttrell, David Rutherford, and The Wizard welcome Eddie’s wife Andrea and his brother Sean to the show to shed light on the situation by helping our listeners to understand the massive Never Quit moment Eddie and his family are facing.

Andrea explains how the former Naval Special Warfare Sailor of the Year and his immediate family are handling this trying time, while Sean, as he’s already done on many top news shows, explains his brother’s side of the story.

Join us as we gain powerful ‘real time’ insight into this patriotic family’s greatest Never Quit story.