The Case

How it Started…

Chief Eddie Gallagher and his family suffered in silence for well over a year at the hands of a mounting whisper campaign started back in late 2017, by a small group of disgruntled members of Chief Gallagher’s platoon who had been called out by Chief Gallagher as cowards on deployment who were unwilling to keep up with his demands as an aggressive Team Leader & Chief. {This was also confirmed by the Iraqi Generals in the latest Navy Times Article}

What started out as very minor grievances near the end of deployment {very common for platoons to complain about leadership near end of deployment} from a few malcontents turned into an all-out obsessive vendetta. This whisper campaign which began embryonically in Iraq, traveled back through Germany, and continued on American soil where it culminated into a top to bottom meeting with all of SEAL Team 7 – which Chief Gallagher himself initiated; to formally apologize to the few members of the platoon who he had called out as cowards. Chief Gallagher asked anyone with grievances to state them so that he could address the issues and stop the whisper/rumor campaign to settle it once and for all.

This 3 hour long meeting yielded trivial complaints not related to combat operations but focused on living comfort issues. Chief Gallagher spent 3 hours addressing all of the complaints, apologized for those he thought merited it and refuted some of the more infantile accusations. Eddie took this action to address the petty grievances among the platoon to restore morale and pave a path forward for the team, and the individual SEALs’ to move on & work together in the future.

Following this meeting of all of ST7, the entire Command assumed the matter was resolved and it was time to move on.

From this point, ST7 was dismantled from top to bottom like they typically do after deployment and Chief Gallagher, who was #1 Chief / #1 Platoon and cleared Mosul in 1/2 the time, was awarded a coveted spot at TRADET where he would be over all Navy SEALs who were preparing to leave for deployments, teaching them the latest tactics after he was just coming out of theater.

This brings us to early 2018, the malcontent accusers were intercepted going to WARCOM by a former ST7 leader. This was the first Chief Gallagher’s family heard that they had plans to set Chief Gallagher up; to the point where they took a vote to determine if they were going to actually try and do this. This was the first time ‘War Crimes’ ever entered the picture and they contrived the more devious plans of throwing Chief Gallagher under the bus by lying about incidents during deployment.

~ It is at this point that NSW Command in early to 2018 started to negotiate with the mean girls for reasons unknown to Chief Gallagher and his family~

Disgruntled malcontents made the following demands of the NSW Command:
1) The malcontents wanted Chief Gallagher off TRADET, because they would all be going through TRADET, putting them under his leadership again.
— Command appeased them and pulled Chief Gallagher off TRADET, sat him at a desk, moved him around like a new guy, shamed him, and refused to allow anyone to talk to him as the leadership knew NCIS was getting involved.
2) They wanted Chief Gallagher to be denied promotion to E8.
— Command appeased them and shamed Chief Gallagher, by not pinning on his new rank.
3) They wanted Chief Gallagher’s write up for his Silver Star to be pulled.
— Command appeased them and downgraded the Silver Star to another Bronze Star with V for Valor.