The Injustice

Travesty of Justice and Mistreatment of an American Hero and his family!


Chief Eddie Gallagher and his family ‘turned the other cheek’ while malicious accusations went unchecked by the NSW Command from 2017 to 2018. The family home was raided while Chief Gallagher was detained the first time in June by NCIS. His two boys; then 18 & 8 years old were pulled out of their home into the street in their underwear at gunpoint by over 20+ NCIS officers in full para-military combat type gear with automatic weapons drawn. NCIS knew very well that Chief Gallagher’s wife was not home as Chief Gallagher told them this and they had been casing their home in Military housing for several weeks.
Chief Gallagher was locked in the same room for 7 hours, while his family and home were terrorized.  Chief Gallagher was denied access to his legal counsel, and when they finally did come back to get him one of the NCIS agents snidely informed him “I saw your wife and kids today at your house.”  That was the first moment where Chief Gallagher was made aware of what had been taking place that day. This is unfathomable that this happened in America, and yet it did.

September 11th Arrest:
NCIS had many opportunities to take Chief Gallagher into custody in a humane and respectful manner.  Instead, NCIS behaved in the most abhorrent manner and took Chief Gallagher from NICoE Pendleton; on September 11th (Patriots Day), where he was receiving in patient TBI care in preparation for his impending retirement next year. Chief Eddie Gallagher was receiving holistic care and treatment from a program he and his family waited a year to get into. 
Chief Gallagher was ripped out of medical treatment, without warning – shackled like a common criminal – and then held in solitary confinement for 72 hours. Furthering that, Chief Gallagher is now still stuck in pretrial confinement- treated like a criminal, and treated as guilty until proven innocent for over 4 months!!!

The allegations are malicious and shameless.  Chief Gallagher and his wife resolutely deny the allegations, knowing that he will be fully exonerated of these charges. Chief Eddie Gallagher, his family, friends, and Navy SEAL, Marine and Scout Sniper colleagues, and millions of Americans all stand behind Chief Gallagher.

Chief Gallagher is a hero and we are fighting to restore his good name and reputation.

The Back Story no one wants to talk about….

Chief Eddie Gallagher and his family suffered in silence for well over a year at the hands of a mounting whisper campaign started back in late 2017, by a small group of disgruntled members of Chief Gallagher’s platoon who had been called out by Chief Gallagher as cowards and pussies on deployment who were unwilling to keep up with his demands as an aggressive Team Leader & Chief. {This was also confirmed by the Iraqi Generals in the latest Navy Times Article}

What started out as very minor grievances near the end of deployment {very common for platoons to complain about leadership near end of deployment} from these few “mean girls” turned into an all-out obsessive vendetta. This whisper campaign which began embryonically in Iraq, traveled back through Germany, and continued on American soil where it culminated into a top to bottom meeting with all of SEAL Team 7 – which Chief Gallagher himself initiated; to formally apologize to the few members of the platoon who he had called cowards and pussies, and then Chief Gallagher asked anyone with grievances to state them so that he could address the issues and stop the whisper/rumor campaign to settle it once and for all.

This 3 hour long meeting yielded complaints such as: “You didn’t pay me back for a haircut”, “you took my red bull” “you were too aggressive” “you ate my cookie butter” “you broke my (gun) magazine” {I am not kidding here. This is a group of low ranking men- what is now the new generation of ‘elite special forces’ at the top tier of NSW.}  Chief Gallagher spent 3 hours addressing all of the complaints, apologized for those he thought merited it and refuted some of the more infantile accusations {he doesn’t drink Red Bull, he never knew the magazine was broken because the kid didn’t tell him, and he brought in $20 (which the person then refused payment) for the haircut the next day and also $50 for the magazine.} Eddie took this action to address the petty grievances among the platoon to restore morale and pave a path forward for the team, and the individual SEALs’ to move on & work together in the future.

{Side note: Up to this juncture the false War Crime stories were NEVER brought up. Throughout the course of the mounting whisper/smear campaign in late 2017- early 2018 the ‘mean girls’ were in fact approached multiple times by ST7 command hierarchy and encouraged that if in fact they had witnessed any actions unbecoming while on deployment, they were obligated to report them. To which the malcontents said ‘no’ to their direct chain of command on multiple occasions.}

After this 3 hour long meeting of all of ST7, the entire Command (the hierarchy of which at that time had always had Chief Gallagher’s back) – assumed this was the resolution they were looking for, it was time to move on and Chief Gallagher’s family thought that would be the end of it.

From this point, ST7 was dismantled from top to bottom like they typically do after deployment and Chief Gallagher, who was #1 Chief / #1 Platoon and cleared Mosul in 1/2 the time, was awarded a coveted spot at TRADET where he would be over all Navy SEALs who were preparing to leave for deployments, teaching them the latest tactics after he was just coming out of theater.

This brings us to early 2018, the “mean girls” (not sure how many at this time) were intercepted going to WARCOM by a former ST7 leader. This was the first Chief Gallagher’s family heard that the “mean girls” were planning to set Chief Gallagher up; to the point where they took a vote to determine if they were going to actually try and do this. This was the first time ‘War Crimes’ ever entered the picture and they contrived the more devious plans of throwing Chief Gallagher under the bus by lying about incidents during deployment.

~ It is at this point that NSW Command in early to 2018 started to negotiate with the mean girls for reasons unknown to Chief Gallagher and his family~

Malcontents (aka “Mean girls”) made the following demands of the NSW Command:
1) The “mean girls” wanted Chief Gallagher off TRADET (because they would all be going through TRADET, putting them under his leadership again)
— Command appeased them and pulled Chief Gallagher off TRADET, sat him at a desk, moved him around like a new guy, shamed him, and refused to allow anyone to talk to him as the leadership knew NCIS was getting involved.
2) The “mean girls” wanted Chief Gallagher to be denied promotion to E8 (they are so ill-minded you can’t stop someone with Chief Gallagher’s record from this promotion)
— However, Command wanted to appease the “mean girls” and shamed Chief Gallagher, and did not pin him his new rank.
3) The “mean girls” wanted Chief Gallagher’s write up for his Silver Star to be pulled.
— Command appeased the “mean girls” and downgraded the Silver Star to another Bronze Star with V for Valor.

To say Chief Eddie Gallagher has been betrayed by fellow ‘Navy SEALs’ and the Command he served, is an understatement. After negotiating with these “mean girl” terrorists who have a proven record of cowardice, insubordination, and mental health issues post deployment; NSW decided to acquiesce to their demands. In fact, Command’s appeasement efforts embolden the “mean girls” so much that they decided to circumvent the entire NSW West Coast Chain of Command and went directly to NCIS in April 2018, with the allegations now listed on the charge sheet against Chief Gallagher, with the potential for life in prison.

>>Important Dates:
• NCIS picked up the case with glee in April 2018.
• NCIS thugs raided and laid siege to the family home in June 20th 2018.
• NCIS ambushed and nabbed Chief Gallagher from NICoE on September 11th, 2018, Patriot’s Day.

Which brings us to now, and our fight to Free Chief Eddie Gallagher from Pre-Trial Confinement so that he can properly defend himself against these salacious allegations.

As of Dec 2018, Command has moved from passive appeasement of “mean girls” to actively working against Chief Gallagher and his family. The very Command that could release Chief Gallagher from pre-trial confinement, allowing him the opportunity to defend himself from malicious and shameful allegation has instead made decisions to ensure Chief Gallagher does not receive a fair trial.
1) Commander Rosenbloom independently or through great Political/Superior pressure requested a 707 Psych Evaluation at the 90 day mark to effectively ‘stop the clock’ which allows the Navy Command to Indefinitely Detain Chief Eddie Gallagher.
— The Command is responsible for ensuring that Chief Gallagher makes it to all medical appointments; however, he has been repeatedly denied access to medial care.
2) Commander Rosenbloom released convening authority of Chief Gallagher’s case to the Navy Region Southwest.  Rosenbloom sent the case out of WARCOM and to the Naval Region Southwest Command, where multiple allegations of unlawful legal targeting of Navy SEAL Commandos has been documented by the Navy Times.
— This was done for the specific purpose of having the Article 32 hearing’s recommended charges, increased from allegations of aggravated assault to attempted murder, despite the Article 32 Hearing – The Preliminary Hearing Officer (PHO) – not finding probable cause to support these two charges.
3) Chief Gallagher’s legal team petitioned to keep the Court Martial hearing within WARCOM to provide a fair trial with a jury of peers, military members who have been in Combat Operations.  It has already been shown in multiple cases that the Navy SEALs do not receive fair trials within the Naval Region Southwest Command.

UPDATE 10 JAN 2019 – Today the Navy denied Special Operations Chief Edward “Eddie” Gallagher his motion to be released from pretrial confinement where he has been since his arrest during medical treatment on September 11, 2018 – Patriots Day.

The Government did not call a single witness and instead gave the judge well over 1500-pages to review, essentially the same tactic used at his initial hearing where the first unjust ruling to place him in confinement occurred.

We are disappointed, but not surprised. A broken system yields broken results. The legal burden to keep Eddie behind bars is incredibly low. The Government has refused to put a witness on the stand, and Eddie and his defense team have been denied the right to call any witnesses to the allegations. In other words, the government has placed a decorated warrior behind bars for four months while denying him the ability to face his accusers.

The court recognized Eddie’s record of excellent service as evidenced by the testimony of several senior, current and former SEAL Team members. The court also acknowledged Eddie’s strong support network of family, friends, and well-wishers. However, it was not enough when the complaining witnesses refused to be questioned by the defense and the Government refused to bring them to court.

At trial, scheduled for February 19, 2019, Eddie will finally have the Constitutional right to confront his accusers and he eagerly awaits the opportunity to clear his name and reunite with his wife and children.♥️

Eddie and his family are devastated by this process, but resolved. Eddie has fought for this country for two decades with valor, honor, and dignity. He will win this battle, clear his name, and demonstrate to the country why this system is in dire need of reform.

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