The Persecution of US Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher

The author, Bernard Kerik, is a great American, a great Patriot.
“The government’s crime theory is that Gallagher stabbed the terrorist, killing him. However, reports from the Navy Times and numerous other sources have not only cast doubts as to those charges, but reeks of an internal mutiny by Gallagher’s subordinates, and an overzealous prosecution that has suppressed exonerating statements, ignored exculpatory evidence, and common sense and logic……
The subsequent treatment of Gallagher and his family has been so repugnant that it defies description. On the morning of his arrest, Gallagher was taken in to custody away from his home, and informed the NCIS agents that his wife was not at home and his 18 and 8-year-old sons were home alone. Their response: close to two dozen Naval investigators stormed the house in combat gear and automatic weapons, pulling the young boys out of the house in their underwear, and having them stand in the street while they searched his residence…”
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