Trial Begins – Chief Gallagher will finally be able to defend his Honor.

San Diego, June 16, 2019 – Tomorrow at noon we will begin jury selection in the case of the United States v. Edward R. Gallagher. After weeks of delay due to serious government misconduct, SOC Gallagher will finally have the opportunity to face his accusers at trial.

Over the course of the trial we will expose the false narrative spread by these accusers for what it is…a smear campaign full of lies. Our team will show that the truth is not only our client’s best defense, but most importantly, that the truth proves SOC Gallagher’s innocence.

Preparation for a criminal trial of this nature is time intensive both in and outside of the courtroom. In order to balance the needs of our client and the right of the public to be informed, a member of our defense team or a spokesperson will meet briefly with members of the media outside the courtroom at the end of each day to answer questions about the trial and its progression. SOC Gallagher’s family will be present intermittently during this time at their convenience.

For any additional media requests or inquiries on behalf of the Gallagher family or SOC Gallagher’s defense team, please contact Kelly Wilson, Counsel for Parlatore Law Group at